We are excited to share with you the launch of our new brand and future direction – Tlogic.

Driven by the new wave of technology disruption and innovation occurring in Australia, we have relaunched Leading Edge Telecoms as Tlogic, helping to further propel our business and brand in this growing marketplace.

Our core mission is to help the SMB community create more innovative businesses through world-leading technologies, and our new look helps to better communicate this vision.

New technology has to be logical and easy to use. Tlogic is built around a revolutionary platform designed to enable you to have an easy and simple method of managing your technology needs.

We’re driven by our commitment to be a trusted, cohesive and reliable source of technology evolution. Tlogic will support you and your business to transform and evolve within the demands of your own customer and market.

We will continue to partner with market leaders to offer you the best outcomes and range of products to assist your technology transformation – from ICT and Cloud services, data and communications solutions to Social Media Marketing & Business Apps and new technologies – we will help simply your business process into the easiest, most ef cient and cost-effective format possible.

The key to our success lies heavily within the deployment of our Business Relationship Management, and continued ongoing support. We treat every customer’s business as if it were our own.


We welcome you to the Tlogic brand and family, and look forward to continuing to support you in your own transformation journey.